Thursday, October 21, 2010

What's Happening at Fallen Evolution?

At the moment in Fallen Evolution we have been working very hard to complete quests, beautiful looking maps, etc. We have currently been working on classes that will actually have use in our game unlike Endless Online. The current classes we have implemented are:

Warrior - Uses mele skill types and weapons also boosts strength by x2
Magician - Uses alot of magic to kill his enemies such as AOE spells.
Assassin - Assasinates monster with a critical hit has the ability to go invisible and run away from targets
Summoner - Summons minions to kill for him like pets, his minions can heal, talk, and attack!
Ranger - Uses bows, guns, and any ranged weapon to kill monsters has the ability to shoot through multiple targets

We plan to have:


If you would like to see for yourself try visting

We also have created a mini game in flash of FE for fun called FE Newb you can try it out on the main site!


Anonymous said...

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Jonathan said...

Hey I downloaded FE and when I try to log in it says Server has blocked me, permanent ip ban, I've tried uninstalling and redownloading but it does the same thing.. how can i fix this and get into the game?! I've played EO, I was Chimeychanga.

Anonymous said...

Fallen Evolution

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